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In our know-how-section we have covered many topics that will help you making the most out of producing voiceovers for commercials, elearning, corporate videos and much more. If you like a special topic to be covered here, please let us know!

In the category "Voice over styles" you will find useful information if you are looking for voiceovers explainer films, voice actors for commercials, voice talents for presentations, voiceover talents for audio books and many other projects. Have a look at our feature about talent fees, too!

The articles are deliberately kept short, but still have it all as we have condensed our decade long experience.

"Quality Content Ahead!"

5 Ways How Businesses Benefit From Professional Voiceovers

Podcasts everywhere, e-learning, tutorials, and how-to's – focus on audio content has been on companies' radars for quite a while. Get some inspiration on how voiceovers can help your business to be more successful… more

Easy to spot, even easier to avoid

The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring Voice Talents

Looking for a voiceover talent? To end up with exceptional results, make sure you are aware of the most common pitfalls. Spoiler-Alert: They are easy to avoid … more

bodalgo in a nuthsell

Voiceover Casting FAQ

New to bodalgo and it's voiceover services? This FAQ section will turn you into a bodalgo power user in no time! more

Audio Production Tips

Why Professional Voiceovers Matter

The quality of recordings can make or break a project. This article will discuss the importance of high-quality voiceovers and how bodalgo can help you find the perfect voiceover talent for your next project. more


AI Voices – Should You Use Them?

Anyone who remembers the first voices from navigation systems attest to modern AI voices: Things have changed for the better. But the question remains: What are artificial voices good for in professional audio production, and where do pitfalls lurk? more

Present your business / Find great providers

bodalgoBusiness – The new business directory

bodalgoBusiness is a business directory for advertising, marketing and media production. No matter if you want to present your own company or if you need suitable service providers quickly: Users of bodalgo benefit in any case ... more

Voiceover casting – Frequently Asked Questions

Voiceover Casting Q&A – Your Way to Great Voiceovers

Finding the perfect voiceover for your projects is super easy with bodalgo, even if you have never posted a project before. This Q&A will enhance your experience and the result of your projects even further… more

Review: Isovox 2 & Isomic

Bye Bye Booth!

It takes three things to work as a professional voice-over talent: training (lots of), a great mic, and a booth. Agree? Well, better think again. Because Swedish entrepreneur and Isovox founder Philip Olsson removed the need for the latter one … more

Hidden Fees In Online Casting

The Remains of the Pay

Hiring voice actors online can save producers much time. And money. But not all casting websites work in their client's favor. By funneling significant parts of your budget into their own pockets, you might end up with inferior talents auditioning for your projects… more

"I do all kinds of voices"

How To (Not) Break Into Voiceover

People say you have a great voice? You can do "all sorts" of voices? And now, you wonder "how to break into voiceovers"? Think again after 3-time award nominee Brigid Reale sets your agenda straight… more

Clients are more important than money

Evaluating your success with online casting

Voice actor Marc Scott has recently produced a video where he asks the legitimate question "Is breaking even on casting sites really breaking even?" And while Marc makes some very valid points in his video, there is more to this than meets the eye at first sight… more

"Words fail me… never again!"

bodalgoPrompta: Online teleprompter

bodalgoPrompta is the teleprompter solution for all devices and all situations. With edit function, remote control, and insanely easy to use. Ideal for presenters, YouTubers, tv production, and voice recordings. more

Hattrick completed: bodalgo wins Award Best Voice Job Site

Best Online Casting Worldwide

For the third time in a row, bodalgo triumphs over its competition at OneVoiceAwards and wins "Voice Job Site Of The Year International"… more

From briefing to voice recording

6 tips for hiring voice actors

Finding the best voice actors for your projects highly depends on the casting process. Find out what's necessary to achieve stellar results… more

Find professional voice overs online

Voiceovers – Unsung Heroes of Communication

Voice overs add incredible value to your business communication. Here is how voice overs are used and where to find great voice over talents online. more

Enhance your eLearning projects

5 Tips For Your Next eLearning Project: Voiceovers & Voice actors

eLearning voice actors needed? Find out how to find the perfect voice talents for eLearning, what it needs to make your eLearning projects shine, and what to avoid along the way. more

Alternative to Session Link, ipDTL und Source Connect

Remote direct recording sessions: Easy and free of charge

Remote directing for voice recordings as easy as clicking a button: bodalgoCall is a free 1-click solution for remote sessions. No registration, no fees. Only thing you need is an up-to-date browser... more

Share auditions with clients and colleagues

Use the shortlist, Luke!

Identifying the best voices for your project is a breeze with bodalgo. If you need to showroom your selection to colleagues or clients, the shortlist will blow you away. more

Outsourcing Audio Productions

Voice over talents with home studios

Find voice actors with studios quickly, easily and reliably. Try our award-winning online casting. It's free. It's smart. It's fun to use. more


A brief history of bodalgo

Founded in 2008, bodalgo quickly established itself as a trusted resource for professional voice over talents. Used by companies of all sizes worldwide, bodalgo is one of the leading online casting platforms. more

"Can you repeat that, please?"

Voice over talents for explainer videos

Explainer videos are a wonderful tool to create attention for your products and services. Follow these steps to get the most out of them… more

"Book! Me! Now!"

Voice actors for commercials

Commercial voice overs anybody? Don't forget: The right talent will transport your advertising message best. Learn more about finding the perfect voice actor for your commercials… more

"Stop working for peanuts, you monkeys!"

Avoid the squeeze

Proper voice over rates are an endangered species. If you are not careful you could harm your bottom line for a very long time. Here is how to avoid the biggest mistakes… more

How to find the perfect voice

Spot on target auditions

Identifying the best voice talents for your project is easy with bodalgo. And if you provide the right pieces of information when posting a job, the results will be stellar. Here is how it works… more

Improve your online casting success rate

Smarter auditioning

When auditioning for a voice over job online, you are up against dozens if not more competing talents. To increase your success rate you need to know what's most important to come out first… more

Where are you from?!

The curious case of neutral English

Ever wondered what a client searching for "English (neutral)" expects from a talent? Here is all you need to know… more

It begins with… you!

Fighting scams and non-paying clients

When it comes to fighting scams, you possess the best weapon in the world against it. It's called: a brain. Here is how to use it… more

Johnny had a bad day

Professional potential lost in hiss and hum

Just because you think you are a professional does not make your audio sound any better. Think that is of no concern to you? Think again… more

Become a voice over expert

Voice overs, budgets, auditions

Finding a voice over talent is easy with bodalgo. Here you will find the answers to all your questions regarding: "How do I find the best talents for my project?" more

How to make the most out of bodalgo

Profile, Settings, Features

This FAQ section helps you to get the most out of your bodalgo profile… more