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bodalgoBusiness – The new business directory

bodalgoBusiness is a business directory for advertising, marketing and media production. No matter if you want to present your own company or if you need suitable service providers quickly: Users of bodalgo benefit in any case ...

One could have had this idea much earlier: With bodalgo, many companies find the perfect voice for their projects. It stands to reason that customers looking for suitable voice actors also need related services from the fields of advertising, marketing and production, because by no means all of bodalgo's customers have expertise in these areas. On the other hand, many users of bodalgo are precisely the experts in advertising, marketing, and media production who could help.

Present your company for free!

The simple solution: an industry guide where relevant companies can list themselves for free.

bodalgoBusiness: Free business directory

bodalgoBusiness: Free business directory


Of course, we know that the idea of a business directory is not necessarily new, however: bodalgo offers an attractive and free entry for all users of bodalgo (as long as they have expertise in the relevant fields), whereas other providers charge fees.

But the most significant advantage is: Because bodalgo is already used by many visitors daily to find the best speakers, we don't need to attract visitors to the directory – they are already there. And so everyone benefits from bodalgoBusiness: Service providers from advertising, marketing and media production can present themselves to potential customers. And in return, they quickly find suitable companies.

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