Free video conferencing.

One click setup. Hi-fi quality.
No sign-up required!

 Connect to the world  

bodalgocall is your audio connection to the world. It’s as easy as making a call. But sounds as great as hifi.

Whether you want to remote direct, listen to a recording or talk to each other: bodalgocall connects you with voice actors, producers and studios worldwide.

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 Free. For all.

webRTC (the technology powering bodalgoCall and others of its kind) comes free with modern browsers. There is little to add to make it work for you, so bodalgoCall is free, too.

 No sign-up required

You may use bodalgoCall even without registering. That way, you may connect to anybody in the world, no matter whether they are members of bodalgo.

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 Superb audio quality

Adjustable bit rates up to 256 kBit/s (mono) – that’s more than you will ever need. In fact, bodalgoCall already sounds awesome at 32 kBit bandwidth.

 Low latency codec

bodalgocall makes use of Opus, a first choice, full band, low latency codec.

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