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"Extremely useful is the possibility to share a list of your favorite talents with clients. Coordinating has never been easier and faster!"

Felix Rodenjohann, Creative Producer tremoniamedia

"Using bodalgo I can identify and present voice actors to my clients easy and comfortable. It's added value and a quality boost for every project we do!"

Philipp Hansert, Owner Hansert Design

"We trust bodalgo for all our voiceover requirements. The highly effective casting process helps us select the best voices when producing videos in multiple languages for our clients worldwide."

Geertrui Laleman, Consultant International Policy Group

Voice over talents for commercials, elearning, corporate, explainer videos & much more…

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Finding the right voices with bodalgo: Super Easy. Insanely fast. And completely free.

Voices is what we care about. Making the process of identifying the right actor for you as easy as possible is our goal.

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bodalgo only features hand-picked professional voices. That way you will never waste your time listening to sub par auditions – promised.

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On a short deadline? No problem — our voices are ultra fast. If needed, your audio will be with you today.

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bodalgo's business model: Talents need a premium membership to audition. That's why you can use bodalgo for free.

Manage your voice over projects anywhere

Phones, tablets, or desktops: bodalgo works well and looks brilliant on all devices, helping you to manage your projects anywhere you like.

Share voice over auditions with clients

Casting voice characters on behalf of a client? Then you will just love our super comfortable shortlist feature where you can showcase the best voice over talents to your client. On a seperate web page branded with nothing but your company logo & with no reference to bodalgo in case you prefer not to disclose to your client where you have found all those great voice over talents ...

bodalgoCall: Free remote directing & free remote recording

Free remote directing & remote recording in HiFi-quality – free of charge!

bodalgo comes along with a bunch of awesome tools that will support your production and help achieve the best results with ease. Like bodalgoCall, our free alternative to the expensive tools out there!

With bodalgoCall, listening to, directing and recording a voiceover session, podcast, radio remote or interview is as easy as clicking a button. Literally. All you need: a browser.

Best thing about it: Although bodalgoCall is 100 percent free to use, it outshines many of its competitors: For example, when it effortlessly connects up to 6 participants in a session. Or routes audio to any device you want. Or records all participants in individual tracks. In HiFi audio quality, of course.

Oh, and it's fun to use, too!

Frequently asked questions about voice actors

Finding voice actors is easy with bodalgo. The fastest way to find a voice actor: Post an online Voice Over Casting. That's totally free of charge and comes with a lot of benefits: Within minutes you will receive offers including a custom recording following your script (if you provide one). You can also share your favorite auditions with your clients or colleagues with a click of a button. Very helpful when working in a team.

Best thing: Finding the perfect voice over for your projects with bodalgo does not cost you a penny. There are no hidden fees, no commissions and no expensive escrow fews. You only pay the talent. Directly and transparent.

The rate for a voice actor depends highly the so called "usage". A commercial used nation-wide needs a higher budget than a two minute product clip that is shown on your website. As a rule of thumb: The more the nature of the usage tends to commercial, the higher the price will be.

Confused? No worries: A pretty good indication about voice over rates gives our online calculator bodalgoMat. A few clicks and you will know how much that voice over you are looking for will cost.

In a nutshell: With bodalgo, you will find voice actors for any kinds of voice jobs: Commercials, e-learning, explainer videos, corporate presentations, IVRs, dubbing, events, fairs — you name it. With a selection of more than 9641 voice actors, you will always find the voice that matches your specific project best.

professional voice over talents

bodalgo has the best voice over talents online.

'The best voice over talents? Really? C'mon...'  We hear you. Because we know: A lot of online casting websites claim to have the best talents around when in reality they allow anyone with a microphone (and a credit card) to join their roster. bodalgo is different. We review the work of each and every voice over talent who signs up. Only a tiny fraction makes the cut. That's why we are confident that you will love our voice actors just as much as we do.

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