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What is a native speaker?

People are called native speakers when referring to their mother tongue. A person's mother tongue is the first language a person learns during childhood and also the language they primarily think in. This means that everyone is a native speaker of their first language. By acquiring a language during early childhood, native speakers hone their communicative abilities such as expression, articulation, lexicon, and grammar. This not only gives them an exceptional understanding of the language itself, it also improves their command of the language on a daily basis, enabling them to actively use the full range of complexity their native language offers.

Native speakers usually have better grammatical and lexical understanding of their first language than persons who learned the same language later in life, as a foreign language. This is why most people prefer booking native speakers as professional voice over talents: they have outstanding competence in and virtually unconstrained command of the desired language. Professional voice actors who use their native language are particularly eloquent, which ensures an authentic impression of the language in question.

Native speakers employ their exceptional language skills to showcase their excellent language competence as professional voice talents in many different acoustic media. And whether it's TV, radio, or an audio book doesn't make a difference. A native speaker is always the right choice when producing media that requires a professional in a language that's different from the normal production language. The immediate benefits are authenticity and an accurate representation of the language's characteristic nuances and its inherent charisma.

Looking for a native speaker? Visit bodalgo and find the perfect native speaker for your project!

You're looking for an English or Italian native speaker? bodalgo has you covered! Our database contains native speakers of 80 languages offering advanced language competence. We have the perfect native speaker waiting for you!

Whether you need an English native speaker or a native speaker for a sequence with an exotic dialect, we have what you're looking for. After all, our native speakers are linguistic character actors and know exactly what to do in order to give their voice the desired charisma. When you book voice over talent, an off-screen voice, a dubbing actor, or any other kind of professionals via bodalgo, you will always get native speakers who have reliable references proving their experience as professional talents. So beyond having perfect command of their mother tongue, they also know the tools of the trade inside and out. Profound knowledge and practical experience in vocal training, breathing techniques, and body control are prerequisites for professional talents and ensure that your project is executed exactly the way you wanted. That's why the bodalgo talent database consists of native speakers with excellent training as well as the necessary knowledge and talent to bring your project to its successful conclusion.

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How do I book a native speaker?

Are you looking for the right native speaker to make your project a success? Then you've come to the right place, bodalgo's talent database is exactly what you need. It includes professionals for 80 languages and makes finding and booking the right asset a breeze:

Use our bodalgo talent database, free of charge, to easily and quickly find the right voice for your project! Submit a free request and, in addition to their native language, enter the specific requirements your talent has to meet. Afterwards, suitable candidates can submit a voice demo for your request. You complete the process by choosing the professional talent who meets your vocal requirements and provides the characteristics you were looking for.

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How much do native speakers cost when I book them via bodalgo?

bodalgo does not charge you for booking a native speaker! As a client, our database is free of charge to you. There are no hidden fees, commissions or kickbacks — we don't believe in any of that. bodalgo is a platform for clients such as yourself, and we believe that clients should not have to pay to search for a service provider. This keeps our expenses low. We finance ourselves by charging the talents for their accounts. As a result, you, the client, pay only the fee agreed upon between yourself and the chosen native speaker. So feel free to look around our talent database and find the right voice for you.

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Why book a native speaker via bodalgo?

You're wondering why you should choose bodalgo to book a native speaker? The advantages of our talent database speak for themselves! As a reputable talent database, we have the experience needed to make your search for voice over talents as easy and efficient as possible. We pledge that your search will be fast, transparent, and simple. Your choice will be based on a broad selection of native speakers, all of whom are bona fide professionals with excellent references. This guarantees your project's success! We have more than 15,000 satisfied customers to show for. After all, our database contains more than 8.100 well-known professionals and proficient young talents, covering more than 80 languages at native speaker level — and we're still growing!

As an established platform, we always want to act in our clients' best interests, which, of course, means that we offer our search for professionals on mobile devices, too, so you can use your smartphone or tablet as well as any computer. This allows flexibility and makes your native speaker casting even less work! As you can see, the shortest path between you and a professional native speaker is always bodalgo!

Finding the right voices with bodalgo: Easy. Fast. Free.

Voices is what we care about. Making the process of identifying the right actor for you as easy as possible is our goal.

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bodalgo only features hand-picked professional voices. That way you will never waste your time listening to sub par auditions – promised.

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On a short deadline? No problem — our voices are ultra fast. If needed, your audio will be with you today.

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bodalgo's business model: Talents need a premium membership to audition. That's why you can use bodalgo for free.

bodalgo has the best voice over talents online.

'The best voice over talents? Really? C'mon...'  We hear you. Because we know: A lot of online casting websites claim to have the best talents around when in reality they allow anyone with a microphone (and a credit card) to join their roster. bodalgo is different. We review the work of each and every voice over talent who signs up. Only a tiny fraction makes the cut. That's why we are confident that you will love our voice actors just as much as we do.

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Who books native speakers

Who books native speakers via bodalgo?

If you need a professional voice recording, we're happy to welcome you to bodalgo's voice over talent database as a client. As a platform for professionals such as voice over talents and dubbing actors, we offer experienced native speakers with impeccable language competence for any kind of audio recording. You might want to benefit from a native speaker's expertise for a radio spot or an image film, or perhaps you're looking for a narrator or a well-known dubbing actor for an audio drama or a film — in any case, we have you covered. bodalgo's database offers only professional voice actors who have a proven record of successful project completion based on specialist knowledge and artistic skills.

Register today for free and find the voice that has that special something you've been looking for all this time! One of 8.100 professional native speakers is just a few clicks away, waiting to help you realize your audio recording!

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