Online teleprompter.
Free & with remote control.

bodalgoPrompta is a teleprompter solution for on-camera work, presentations, and voiceovers. No setup required.

Teleprompting just became easy

bodalgoPrompta is one of the easiest teleprompter solutions out there. No downloads are required, no software installation is needed as bodalgoPrompta lives in your browser.

How to use: Copy/paste your script into a text field where you can edit and markup the copy further if necessary. Once you have started the teleprompter, you can adjust the font-size, scroll speed, and indentation to your needs & even while the text is scrolling.

You can use any second device to remote control bodalgoPrompta & with no setup necessary.

Some use cases in which bodalgoPrompta outshines the competition…


Read voiceover scripts in style! No more page-flicking sounds, no more manual scrolling through scripts on your tablet. bodalgoPrompta lets you concentrate on your read!


No matter if you are presenting in front of a live audience or during a Zoom session: with bodalgoPrompta at your fingertips, you will never run out of words — promised!


bodalgoPrompta shines when it comes to the classic use of a teleprompter: On-camera work. Thanks to its remote control features, you can adjust the flow even in live situations!

bodalgoPrompta's most compelling features


bodalgoPrompta works on all devices. And with all browsers.

Edit & markup

Integrated editor for last minute script changes and markups.

Full control

Adjust scroll speed, font size, and identation. Before and during prompting.

Remote control

Use any second device to remote-control bodalgoPrompta while presenting.

Easy to use

bodalgoPrompta works right in your browser. No downloads, no installation, no hassle.