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Voice over talents
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Voice over talents

What is a voice over talent?

Voice over talent is a classic occupation within industries like broadcast, advertising, games among others. In many cases, voice over talents are hired for radio, television, or image films in order to provide the language-based part, as indicated by the name.

Since voice over talents cannot be seen in their work, they count as off-screen voices. As a result, most clients hire people with striking, distinctive voices who are able to portray different characters by simply shifting their articulation or pitch, causing the audience to associate the voice with certain abilities or character traits.

In many cases, advertising on the radio, television, and the internet features well-known dubbing actors because audiences associate them with certain characters, be it consciously or subconsciously, which can cause sympathy or provoke a reaction. Often times, using a specific voice over talent can be the deciding factor in determining success with your target demographic.

This means that voice over talent is a highly demanding profession. The demands are similarly high to those of professional dubbing actors because the voice is such a crucial component to the end result. Among the prerequisites for a successful career as voice over talent are specialized knowledge and practical experience with vocal training, breathing techniques and body control.

How do I hire a voice over talent?

If you're looking for voice over talents for your project, the bodalgo talent database is a valuable resource! Among the 8.100 professional voice over talents on the list, you'll find the voice that has that special something you need to ensure your voice recording's success.

bodalgo's database offers only professional voice over talents who understand their craft and provide reputable references who can confirm their experience. Whether you're looking for a commercial read or a native speaker with an exotic dialect makes very little difference, because bodalgo's database offers you a wide, multi-faceted selection of voice over talents covering more than 80 languages for your audio recording.

Professionalism is an acquired skill, so you can rest assured that our voice over talent has the training required for excellence. Actors with degrees in the Fine Arts and training graduates alike can be found in bodalgo's database, offering their skills to clients such as yourself.

Besides neutral perfection and eloquent language competence, you will find well-known character voices and future stars among the professional voice over talents, all of whom have the specialized knowledge required to paint characteristic vocal pictures and create a nuanced language rhythm that meets your requirements.

Check out bodalgo and find the perfect voice over talents for radio, TV, or an image film on the internet in order to make your project a success!

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How to identify great voice over talents?

In order to make your voice recording a success, your voice over talent should meet your expectations completely. In order to prevent long hours of searching and get you your voice over talent as fast as possible, bodalgo provides the highly efficient online casting!

As a client, you submit your voice over talent casting call completely for free, at no risk to you, to help you find the right partner and a striking voice for your project. Just let us know the requirements your perfect voice over talent has to meet! Once you publish your voice over talent casting call on bodalgo, suitable candidates submit voice demos for your request and apply for the project. You can then choose the best vocal match and start production!


How much does voice over talent cost?

As a client, our database is free of charge to you. From searching to booking voice over talent — without hidden fees, commissions, or other financial commitments.

We finance ourselves by charging the professional voice over talents for their accounts. This has multiple benefits: for one, the effort for clients such as yourself is reduced, and the voice over talent does not have the additional cost of paying for an agent.

Additionally, the talent's fee itself is negotiated directly between yourself and the voice over talent. This makes financial calculations easier and more fair for clients and voice over talents alike. So go ahead and use bodalgo to find exactly the voice you're looking for!

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Why book voice over talents via bodalgo?

As a reputable talent database, we strive to be a reliable partner with a fast, transparent, and simple solution for clients such as yourself and our proficient service providers alike, who lend their voices to your projects. That's why we offer flexible, fast solutions for all end user devices, which means that you can complete your casting anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, we guarantee that you'll find the perfect talent for your commercial in the bodalgo talent database, which contains more than 8.100 professional voice over talents with a wide variety of specializations and language competence in more than 80 languages! Somewhere at bodalgo, there's a well-trained vocal talent with good references just waiting to get your slogan into your future customer's ears!

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Voices is what we care about. Making the process of identifying the right actor for you as easy as possible is our goal.

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bodalgo only features hand-picked professional voices. That way you will never waste your time listening to sub par auditions – promised.

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bodalgo's business model: Talents need a premium membership to audition. That's why you can use bodalgo for free.

bodalgo has the best voice over talents online.

'The best voice over talents? Really? C'mon...'  We hear you. Because we know: A lot of online casting websites claim to have the best talents around when in reality they allow anyone with a microphone (and a credit card) to join their roster. bodalgo is different. We review the work of each and every voice over talent who signs up. Only a tiny fraction makes the cut. That's why we are confident that you will love our voice actors just as much as we do.

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Who books voice over talents

Who books voice over talents via bodalgo?

If you need a professional speaker for a voice recording, bodalgo has you covered! We feature a wide variety of native voice over talents with common and exotic mother tongues who are trained and ready to put their expertise and skills to use as dubbing actors, narrators, or as off-screen voices.

You might want to benefit from a native speaker's expertise for a radio spot or an image film, or perhaps you're looking for a narrator or a well-known dubbing actor for an audio drama or a film — bodalgo has the voice that gives your spot that special something to make it work.

Register and find the voice over talent that gives your commercial that one thing to set you apart from your competitor's commercial! The potential of 8.100 professional voice over talents is just a few clicks away!

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