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Voice actors for commercials

Commercial voice overs anybody? Don't forget: The right talent will transport your advertising message best. Learn more about finding the perfect voice actor for your commercials…

Identifying the best voice over talents for commercials is comfortable with bodalgo. Simply post an online casting (free of charge) and you are almost done. But: What qualities should you look for in a voice over talent when it comes to advertising your products and services? And what are the rates you should expect? Let's jump right in and clarify the frequently asked questions about voiceovers for commercials.

In our series "Voice over styles" we look at the specific requirements that different projects have and tell you which aspects you should pay particular attention to in your voice talent casting.

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What are commercials?

A clip that's broadcasted in exchange for money (or bartering goods) is called a commercial. Examples include radio spots, YouTube pre-rolls (ads that are shown at the beginning or during YouTube-Videos), social media clips, point of sale videos, etc. In other words: As soon as money is involved showing a clip to an audience, it is a commercial. In contrast, a video shown on your company's homepage, YouTube channel or Facebook page is not a commercial as you do not have to pay for it to be shown.

This distinction is fundamental, as talent rates for commercials are the highest in the industry, so the correct classification is paramount.

What kind of voice is best suited for commercials?

The target group and the objectives from the marketing strategy should be decisive for the choice of the right voice and tonality. Of course, it becomes difficult if there is no marketing strategy at all or the target group and/or goals are not precisely defined. In such a case, the advice must be: Return to the drawing board until you have a compelling marketing strategy.

Tip: For advertising with a large media budget (>100.000 USD), it is advisable to test which voice is best received by the audience, for example, in focus groups.

Which tonality suits advertising best?

As in other genres, the choice of the right tonality depends above all on the objective of the commercial: Since advertising usually communicates mainly on the emotional level, the voice actor must succeed in conveying moods through their voice. Voice over talents with a strong background in acting have a clear advantage.

Rate guides from Global Voice Acting Academy and Gravy For The Brain help budgeting voice over jobs</p><p>

Rate guides from Global Voice Acting Academy and Gravy For The Brain help budgeting voice over jobs

How much are voice over talents for commercials?

The decisive factor is usage (also known as "buyout"). It determines where and for how long the commercial aires. The longer and more extensive the degree of distribution, the higher the talent's rate will be. The price will further increase for celebrity voices.

Rate calculation for commercials is more complicated because of the different buyout options. Talents must know how, where, and for how long the commercial aires to make an offer.

Overwhelmed? Don't be! There are rate guides available for different countries, for example, the rate guide from Global Voice Acting Academy (for US) or Gravy For The Brain's rate guide (UK, US, Canada, Mexico and Columbia).

How do I find voice over talents for commercials?

Posting your voice job on bodalgo is one of the easiest ways to find the perfect voice for your commercials. It takes less than three minutes, is free of charge, and will get you relevant offers from professional voice actors extremely fast.

bodalgo offers 13,219 professional speakers in more than 80 languages.

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