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Voice over talents for explainer videos

Explainer videos are a wonderful tool to create attention for your products and services. Follow these steps to get the most out of them…

Finding voice over talents for explainer videos is easy thanks to bodalgo's online voice-over casting. But: What qualities should you look out for in a voice over talent for explainer videos when creating your project? Which tonality is the right one, and what else is there to consider? We clarify the most important questions about explainer videos.

In our series "Voice over styles" we look at the specific requirements that different projects have and tell you which aspects you should pay particular attention to in your voice talent casting.

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What's an explainer video?

An explainer video does not sell, so it is not a commercial. Neither it is visionary or conveys any values, so it is not an image film. An explainer clip pursues only one goal: to outline an idea or product application/service to the viewer as clearly as possible in a short time. An explainer, therefore, only gives an overview but does not cover every detail. Explainer videos come in small, easily digestible pieces, usually between 60 and 180 seconds.

If the audience wants to find our more about a topic they can do so in an eLearning or tutorial.

What tonality works best with explainer videos?

We are getting closer to the answer if we ask ourselves: What is the primary purpose of an explainer? Clearly: To convey content, for example, an idea, a product, or a service. The viewer or listener should gain a basic understanding of the subject matter. The focus is on the level of information and less on emotion.

This insight leads the way to the desired tonality: Because we attach more importance to the facts rather than the emotional level, the speaker should also hold back with emotional outbursts that would distract too much from the content. Typically, things tend to be rather quiet. But "calm" does not mean monotonous or even boring: Professional voice over talents will work out the main points of the copy via the intonation of the sentence.

Which voice is best suited for an explainer clip?

Clichés have such a strong effect because they serve … errr … well … clichés! We make use of this when selecting the perfect voice. Because just as you wouldn't cast a ballet dancer for the role of a butcher, you probably wouldn't think of using the smoky voice of a western movie hero for the explainer clip of a fintech software package, right? Stereotypes rock – at least when it comes to selecting the timbre of a voice.

But the important thing remains: Always think about what kind of voice your target group most likely associates with the video and make sure you clearly describe your needs in the description of a casting. That way, the talents will not only have a clear understanding of what's needed; you will also receive more relevant offers.

Quick tip: Ask yourself: "If the film featured a famous actor – which actor would your target group love to see?" You could use the voice of that actor as a reference in the description of a job.

What is the ideal pace for explainer movies?

Take it slowly. Very slowly. For explainer clips, calculate with 130 words per minute maximum (English) and allow for sufficient time for breaks, in which the viewer/listener can process the information. Do not try to squeeze too much information into an explainer video: It will not work, the film will never achieve the desired result.

Never and under no circumstances should you rush the voice talent through the clip because "it won't fit otherwise". If you don't give the viewer time to process the information provided, all is lost (pun intended).

Beware adapting clips into other languages that might take more or longer words to transport information (German, for example, tends to 20 percent longer than English). Therefore: The translator has to take care to keep the same number of syllables.

How much is a voice over for an explainer video?

As with all fees, several factors play a role in the speaker's fee. For explanatory videos, it is mainly the length of the recording that determines the price.

Fortunately, a simple rule of thumb can be applied: About 300 USD (length between 30 to 90 seconds) is a rough starting point. Remember that explainer clips can not be used as commercials unless you have bought the usage rights to do so (see our feature on commercial voice overs here).

Where to find voice over talents for explainers?

One of the easiest ways to find voice over talents for explainer videos is to post your project free of charge on bodalgo. This is a matter of a few minutes, and you will receive relevant offers from some of the best voice over talents out there in no time.

bodalgo offers 13,219 professional speakers in more than 80 languages.

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