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bodalgoCall: Free remote directing & free remote recording

What bodalgoCall does for you

In easy terms, bodalgoCall is an ultra-high quality audio chat for groups of up to five people. bodalgoCall lives in your browser. That means: You do not need to download any software to use it. Actually, you do not need to do anything at all: No registration, no payments, you just use it!

bodalgoCall offers rock-solid audio connections in unrivaled quality in an incredibly easy to use interface — still, it gives you full control over your audio connection.

Main features of bodalgoCall are: HiFi audio connections with up to 255 kbits/s. If you do not speak "nerdish": This is way north of broadcasting quality and more than you would ever need; built-in recording of any participant (or all of them) into individual tracks, and flexible audio output routing.

Wrapped up in a beautiful, easy to use design, bodalgoCall is a world-leading solution for remote recording and remote directing.

Some use cases in which bodalgoCall outshines the competition…


bodalgoCall is a true game changer when it comes to producing podcasts: Now you can record up to 6 participants simultaneously into separate tracks. In your browswer. In excellent quality.


Remote directing of voiceover sessions was the use case we had in mind when we started developing bodalgoCall. Today, with up to 6 participants, built-in recording and audio routing, bodalgo is one of the best options out there.

Radio remotes

Though out in the field, expect excellent audio quality, even when you are stuck with a limited bandwidth. bodalgoCall's built-in Opus codec works wonderfully even on data rates as low as 64 kBit/s and will adjust to flaky networks.


Recording interviews with remote guests has become as easy as literally clicking one button. Interviewing two people at the same time? Ok. Then it has become as easy as literally clicking two buttons. Sorry. Our bad.

bodalgoCall's most compelling features

Up to 6 people

bodalgoCall handles up to 6 people per session with ease. Compare that to other pricy services!


bodalgoCall prefers Chrome and Chrome-based browsers, but will work with Firefox and Safari, too!

HiFi Audio

With up to 255 kbits/s mono, bodalgoCall delivers outstanding audio quality, even on flakey networks.


Record participants in your browser. Auto-save will save your day when a participant drops out mid-session.


bodalgoCall will manage to find a network paths between you and your peers in 99 percent of all cases.

Easy setup

No login required, no credit card required. Neither for yourself nor for your guests. It. Just. Works.


Exchange links and infos with bodalgoCall's built-in text chat.


Your privacy is fully proteced: All communication between you and your guests is heavily encrypted end-to-end.