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Voice over talents with home studios

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Anyone thinking about audio production today usually has a recording studio in mind when it comes to where to produce audio recordings. This is a bit weird, taking into account a trend that has been accelerating for more than a decade: Professional voice over talents build their own home studio. The reasons: The digital shift made professional recording gear affordable. As a consequence, voice talents have made themselves independent from recording studios and offer their services directly to their customers.

A paradigm shift clients benefit from greatly, too! More transparent budgeting, lower costs, and – as is currently evident in the corona crisis: production security. Voice over talents, by definition, works in their home office studio, so quarantine regulations do not affect their production processes whatsoever.

Finding voice actors with studios

Identifying great voice talents with a studio has never been easier! bodalgo's award-winning online casting helps you find the perfect voice for your productions: fast, easy, and free of charge.

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Why book voice actors with studios?

There are several advantages for the client: More transparent budgeting, lower costs, and – as is currently evident in the Corona crisis – production reliability. A voice actor works in his home office (here: home studio) anyway, so quarantine regulations do not affect production processes.

But there are a few points to consider when booking a voice talent online to avoid unpleasant surprises:

Voice actors with studios can be easily found via various online casting platforms. bodalgo is one of them, and – if we may humbly say so – one of the best: bodalgo's online casting service has won several awards, most recently the One Voice Award in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, bodalgo has nominated again.

Quality and online Casting

The major difference that distinguishes bodalgo from other platforms: We check the profile of every single speaker, before they can apply for jobs. Through this elaborate process, we ensure that you are always dealing with professionals. Virtually all other platforms don't look too closely at the level of professionalism of talents, which, of course, affects the quality.

Here are some more tips if you want to book a voice actor with studio online (and this may be your first time trying it):

Remember to discuss the payment arrangements before the recording takes place. It's not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise because the talent expects payment within 14 days (according to his or her TACs) where you are used to your payment terms of maybe 30 days. The solution to this is easy: Agree on the payment terms before the production.

You should also make sure that there is an understanding about the compensation for corrections: A distinction should be made between mistakes made by the talent (which will, of course, be corrected free of charge) and author corrections, such as text changes that you need to make after the initial recording took place. These are usually not included and have to be paid extra. It is best to clarify beforehand whether corrections are included and what additional costs you have to expect for author corrections.

Online casting is superior

Casting voice talents with studios online offers many advantages: maximum control (because of the lack of any middle man such as agencies and recording studios), greater price transparency, more flexibility regarding deadlines, significantly faster implementation – to name just a few.

That's why we are certain: Once you've tried bodalgo, you don't want to miss it in the future. It simply works. And it's free because you don't pay a cent for using bodalgo's online casting. No fees. No commissions. Never. Like, ever. You get the message…

Finally, we have compiled the most important questions about audio production and voice talents with studios. Is your question not listed? Contact us, and we will answer as soon as possible!

The most important questions on the subject of "Voice over talents with home studios"

Voice actors  with home studios cover a wide range of the production chain: voicing, recording, editing and much more

Voice actors with home studios cover a wide range of the production chain: voicing, recording, editing and much more

How do I find voice over talents with a home studio?

With bodalgo, you can post an online casting for voice over talents easier than ever: It takes less than three minutes, it is entirely free of charge, and you will receive offers within the hour.

bodalgo currently offers 12,319 professional voice actors in more than 80 languages.

How does audio production with a voice talent with home studio play out?

Very straightforward: In the first step, you post your project online on bodalgo and receive the first relevant offers usually within minutes. From these offers, you can choose and book your favorite voice over talent – directly and without detours. There is no middleman and there are no commissions or other fees. Depending on the scope of the voice recording, you will receive the finished audio within the agreed time.

By the way: Many voice talents offer additional services such as sound design, editing, and much more. If you need other components of the production chain, you should always ask the voiceover artist which services he or she can offer.

Is the sound quality of a voice over talent with a home studio professional at all?

You bet! The sound quality of a talent with own gear is in no way inferior to the quality of an external studio. Quite the opposite is true actually: Because talents optimize their studio towards their voice, the recording results might even be superior.

Remember: A professional voiceover actor with a home studio is a small business owner who naturally does everything he can to inspire customers with outstanding quality.

Does a voice over talent with home studio charges more?

Not necessarily, because a talent with naturally works with less overhead than an external recording studio. This affects pricing, of course. Using their own studio benefits talents, too: No need to commute to an external studio.

That's why most professional voice over talents are willing to pass on this advantage to their clients. Especially shorter recordings do not necessarily come with markup for editing and/or mastering. The situation might be different with extensive projects, though: Be prepared to pay a premium if you expect the voice talent to edit a 10-hour audiobook (and not only read it). Still, their markup likely will be lower than a recording studio.

How do I pay a voice over talent with a home studio?

Simple answer: direct, meaning: bodalgo helps you to find the perfect voice for your projects. But bodalgo never gets in your way. bodago does not take any fees, commissions, or escrow fees.

The payment is always directly between you and the talent.

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