Tips for clients

Find out best practices covering all aspects casting great voice actors online: How to find the best voice for your project? What to watch out for when posting a voice job? How to create a successful casting? If you want a specific topic to be covered, please drop us line!

Hidden Fees In Online Casting

The Remains of the Pay

Hiring voice actors online can save producers much time. And money. But not all casting websites work in their client's favor. By funneling significant parts of your budget into their own pockets, you might end up with inferior talents auditioning for your projects… more

From briefing to voice recording

6 tips for hiring voice actors

Finding the best voice actors for your projects highly depends on the casting process. Find out what's necessary to achieve stellar results… more

Find professional voice overs online

Voiceovers – Unsung Heroes of Communication

Voice overs add incredible value to your business communication. Here is how voice overs are used and where to find great voice over talents online. more

Alternative to Session Link, ipDTL und Source Connect

Remote direct recording sessions: Easy and free of charge

Remote directing for voice recordings as easy as clicking a button: bodalgoCall is a free 1-click solution for remote sessions. No registration, no fees. Only thing you need is an up-to-date browser... more

Share auditions with clients and colleagues

Use the shortlist, Luke!

Identifying the best voices for your project is a breeze with bodalgo. If you need to showroom your selection to colleagues or clients, the shortlist will blow you away. more

Outsourcing Audio Productions

Voice over talents with home studios

Find voice actors with studios quickly, easily and reliably. Try our award-winning online casting. It's free. It's smart. It's fun to use. more

How to find the perfect voice

Spot on target auditions

Identifying the best voice talents for your project is easy with bodalgo. And if you provide the right pieces of information when posting a job, the results will be stellar. Here is how it works… more