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This FAQ section helps you to get the most out of your bodalgo profile…

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about profiles, functions and settings of bodalgo. If you can't find an answer to your question, drop us a line and we will personally take care of your request.

General questions

What's bodalgo?

bodalgo is a marketplace for voice-over talents commonly used in commercials, corporate presentations, web videos, explainer clips, and much more.

bodalgo offers a 100 percent free solution for clients to find the perfect voice-over talent quickly and easily. For this purpose, bodalgo has an online casting system with which you can post voice jobs free of charge within a few minutes. Suitable talents will then receive an invitation to audition for your project including a sample recording. You view the offers and choose your voice talent. That's it. It couldn't be easier.

NB: You only pay the talent. There are no fees, no hidden service charges, and no commissions.

Is bodalgo really free for clients?

Yes, you can find and book voice over talents for free with. bodalgo does not charge any fees or commissions. In addition to the online casting feature, bodalgo offers other free services such as bodalgoCall, which allows you to connect to a talent's studio in real-time which is brilliant for remotely directing a recording session.

If bodago is free for clients, how do you make money?

bodalgo's business model is as simple as it is transparent: Voice actors who want to audition for a client's job need a premium membership. bodalgo is financed by these contributions.

Questions about the talent's profile

How does bodalgo work for voice over talents?

bodalgo offers voice actors two different account tiers: Once you have registered, you will receive a free basic membership, which includes your public profile and full database exposure. Your public profile includes a contact form so that potential customers can contact you and engage you. These services are free of charge.

Most of the assignments are placed as auditions on bodalgo: Talents whose profiles match those job postings will receive an invitation to audition. A premium membership is required to do so. We offer three attractive membership plans: monthly, semi-annual, and annual.

How long does it take for my profile to be checked?

We check every new profile manually, which usually takes a week.

Important: bodalgo is a platform that is aimed exclusively at professionally trained voice over talents. We will remove profiles that do not meet our quality requirements.

If you need to ask what we mean by „professionally trained", this platform probably is not for you.

Please note that we will not comment as to why a profile has not been accepted. Please refrain from any requests in this regard. Thank you for your understanding.

Questions about talent's premium memberships

How much is the premium account for voice over talents?

Our monthly fee is 29.90 Euro, six months cost 149.90 Euro and the annual fee is 269.90 Euro. All plans will be renewed automatically for the selected period unless canceled before the end of the period paid for.

How can I cancel my premium membership?

Simply send us an email using the contact form .

Questions about castings

I do not want to receive those job notifications. Can I turn them off?

Yes, you can! Simply follow this link (you need to be logged in, please) and adjust your profile settings accordingly.

What does English "neutral" mean?

We have discussed this question in more detail in this feature.

How can I tell if my offer for a job has been accepted?

When a client selects you for a job, they will send you a message that you will receive directly by email (to your personal email inbox). bodalgo has no proprietary messaging system. All messages from a customer are sent directly to your personal inbox.

What do the different symbols in a casting mean?

Three different symbols can appear in the list view of the castings: The symbol means that the customer has seen the offer and listened to the recording. indicates that the client has added your offer to the shortlist. This does not necessarily mean that you will be booked, but you've moved a step closer. If you see , the client has left you feedback. Hover the mouse pointer over the symbol to display the feedback.

On the detail page, there is another symbol: The number next to indicates how many talents have auditioned so far. The number in brackets next to it shows how many castings this client has posted with bodalgo.

How do I get paid?

A customer has chosen you for a job? Congratulations! You will discuss all payment questions directly with the client, bodalgo does not interfere at all. What's more, we do not impose expensive escrow services or commissions on our users.

Important: Please make sure that both parties understand payment terms and the usage/buyout of the recording.

Can I find out how many other talents have already applied for the job?

Yes, you can. Go to the page of the relevant job. Right under the heading, you will see a speech bubble icon. The number next to this symbol shows you the desired information.

How do I increase my chances when I apply for a job?

We have discussed this question in more detail in this feature.

I see a thumbs-up sign next to my offer. What does it mean?

"Thumbs up" are always a good sign, and bodalgo is no exception. It means that the customer liked your audition and has added yours to the "shortlist" for this project. While this does not automatically mean that you will nail the job, it is an indication that your chances have just increased dramatically.

Questions about bodalgoCall

What is bodalgoCall?

bodalgoCall is a completely free VoIP solution from bodalgo. bodalgoCall offers an easy to use conference solution for groups of up to six people. The focus of bodalgoCall is on excellent voice quality, as it is required, for example, for remote directing/recording voice talents.

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