Clients are more important than money

Evaluating your success with online casting

Voice actor Marc Scott has recently produced a video where he asks the legitimate question "Is breaking even on casting sites really breaking even?" And while Marc makes some very valid points in his video, there is more to this than meets the eye at first sight…

Marc Scott is not only a well-known voice actor from Canada, but also a voice coach and marketing guru that Is highly respected in the voice over community. His YouTube channel contains valuable information for voice actors, and we highly recommend you check it out.

In his latest video "Is Breaking Even on Casting Sites Really Breaking Even?", Marc addresses the question: "If you spend 400 USD on a casting website and make 400 USD in the same year – did you really break even?"

Marc claims that – if you just broke even in terms of money – that's not good enough. Why? Because you might have spent hundreds of hours in one year on online casting websites leaving you with a ridiculous hourly rate. And Marc has a valid point here: You need to put your effort into the basket with the most eggs. No doubt about that. So you need to review how much time you spend with online casting and what the outcome really is for you to validate how effective this income stream works for you.

Clients vs. jobs

But there is a point Marc might have overlooked: When you nail a job with an online casting site, it is not only the job you won and the money that comes with it. Equally important, if not much more important: You have won a new client! A new client that might book you in the future directly! A new client that you can potentially build a relationship with for many years to come!

One of the biggest strengths of online casting is not only the jobs you find with them. It's the clients you should be after, and it is your job and your job alone to convert those new clients into returning clients. Every single one of them.

Now: There are many online casting websites out there that will do everything they can to prohibit and prevent direct contact between client and talent. The reason for that is rather obvious: They want the clients to post jobs on their website and not give them directly to voice talents. The more jobs are posted on a casting website, the talents are willing to sign up for a premium membership. That's the business model.

And it is the business model of bodalgo, too, no doubt about that. But bodalgo has always thought that clients belong to the talents, not to the platform. And that's exactly why bodalgo has always promoted direct communication between clients and talents. It just makes things so much easier. So much more transparent.

Does this way of doing business hurt bodalgo's bottom line? Sure, it does. But it also creates very happy clients and very happy talents. And happy clients will continue to use bodalgo and even recommend bodalgo to the potential clients. And happy talents will go the extra mile to do an outstanding job knowing that the client they are doing the job for could be theirs for years to come. So it is not only the money you make with online casting, it is also the new clients you will find along the way.

Online casting is one tool in your box

At the end of the day, online casting ist just one tool in your marketing toolbox. Some use it more than others, some rather give this instrument a complete pass. All fine and well. The important thing is that you need to review regularly if your toolbox needs adjusting. It is one of the many things you need to do as the single entrepreneur you are.

Foto: John Guccione/Pexels

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