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bodalgoPrompta: Online teleprompter

bodalgoPrompta is the teleprompter solution for all devices and all situations. With edit function, remote control, and insanely easy to use. Ideal for presenters, YouTubers, tv production, and voice recordings.

With the advent of tablets, a more diverse market for teleprompter solutions has emerged. The main component of modern solutions is – besides a semi-permeable mirror for "on-camera" jobs such as moderation or presentation – an app that allows any text to scroll continuously across a screen. In many cases, this screen a tablet.

But of course, the principle also works with a desktop computer or laptop. Because even if there is no camera running, automatic text scrolling is very practical in many cases. For example, for voice actors who no longer have to turn pages in long scripts (which always means extra work in post-production because of editing) but can concentrate exclusively on content and expression. An enormous relief.

However, bodalgo found the functionality and pricing of these apps far less enormous. Some apps do not allow you to edit the script; others cannot control the teleprompter remotely (indispensable for presenters!), yet others only work on a specific operating system or device.

Flexible, easy to use: bodalgoPrompta

Flexible, easy to use: bodalgoPrompta

bodalgoPrompta: The teleprompter solution

Another thing that bothered us was that although a teleprompter app's development is relatively trivial, some providers sell their tool as a SaaS solution. The user doesn't pay for the app once, but again and again. As long as they use the app.

It was time for a change. It was time for bodalgoPrompta.

bodalgoPrompta offers many advantages over the solutions mentioned above. This starts with compatibility: bodalgoPrompta lives in your browser – it doesn't matter which device you use. Only cell phones are excluded: The screen is too small to be used as a teleprompter. Still, smartphones work wonderfully as a remote control, which brings us to the next point: bodalgoPrompta can be (remotely) operated with any device that can run an internet browser.

Add changes and mark-ups in seconds and – if necessary – send them immediately to the prompter

Add changes and mark-ups in seconds and – if necessary – send them immediately to the prompter

Of course, you can quickly adapt bodalgoPrompta to any situation: Scroll speed, text size, and indentation can be easily adjusted, even during live operation. What's more, bodalgoPrompta can be mirrored horizontally and vertically – essential for operating as a "real" teleprompter in combination with a semi-transparent mirror in front of a camera.

And just because we mentioned it above: Last-minute script changes are not a problem, neither is the creation of markers as reminders for pauses, accentuations, etc.

Thanks to its features, bodalgoPrompta is an excellent tool for presenters, video & tv productions, and voice recordings.

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