Nicola Seaton-Clark

Nicola Seaton-Clark

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"Sehr flexible Stimme mit viel Erfahrung - Englisch und Afrikaans"

Little girl to throaty and sexy, including exciting and motivating.
Calming and maternal, good for narration, also brisk and business-like.
English is my native language, with Afrikaans, German and Spanish as second languages.
English accents include British, Australian, Southern (USA) and African.


I acquired a degree in drama and theatre arts from Pretoria Technikon in South Africa, and worked in the entertainment industry for 9 years thereafter.
I am also a trained English teacher and have worked with many students to improve their pronunciation, often utilizing recordings to improve their recall.


In Germany, I have worked for well-known production companies in Saxony like LE Vision and LOOKS TV.
Earlier in my career, I did voice-overs for companies like Standard Bank (SA), Cadbury's and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).


I have a voice very well suited to singing jazz and blues, although I have also sung for rock bands as well as pop cover bands.
I have dubbed a number of cartoons and have 2 distinct character voices which I can use.
I am an excellent narrator and have already recorded several short stories for various podcasts. I am eager to tackle full-length audio books.
Most importantly, I am an excellent cold reader and rarely have any trouble delivering what is needed with very little preparation.