Greg James

Greg James

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"A Voice of Experience, Telling Your Story"

You need a voice for your next project. But not just any voice.

You worked hard crafting that copy. Now it’s time to bring it to life, with emotion, credibility, authenticity, nuance.

For that, you’ll need someone who has been around the block a few times. A guy who’s seen and done some things.

My career has intersected a diverse array of industries and professions: health care. Law. Politics. Broadcast and print media. Higher education. Non-profits. Commercial property. Technology.

I’ve written feature articles and spent years on-air in news/talk radio producing programming on issues, crime, business, pop culture and sports.

Sales is a recurring theme: real estate. IT services. Executive recruiting. Name-brand luxury items.

My passions led me to unexpected settings, addressing powerful boards of directors and conversing with senators, governors and congressmen.

But I’ve also done time in thankless dead-end jobs: busboy. Hospital orderly. Dismal customer service and telemarketing call centers.

From big cities to rural America, from Fortune 500 conference rooms to modest mom-and-pop shops, from the rarified air of the academic, corporate and social elite to the drudgery of the working-class everyman – I’ve been there and lived it.

And I’ve encountered folks from every walk of life.

From CEOs and VIPs to MDs and PhDs, from attorneys to artists, bankers to bakers, teachers to preachers, cops to crooks, activists to ethicists, politicians to statisticians, hipsters to hucksters, rockers to ‘rasslers, saints to sinners, yuppies, preppies, techies, trekkies, foodies, groupies and everything in between – I speak their language.

I draw from this colorful palette of people, places and experiences to infuse my performance behind the mic with deep understanding and real-world sensibility.

Pair that with a rich natural baritone, and you’ve got something intriguing.

A storyteller.

So, what’s your story? May I help you tell it?


I'm proud to be a long-time and ongoing student of Joyce Castellanos, one of the leading coaches of voice talent in the United States.

Also a member of the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) and World Voices (WOVO).

Extensive on-air experience in live radio broadcasting, as a news anchor and reporter for a leading news/talk station in Texas. Also well-versed in writing tight copy for radio, print and web (business publications), call centers, non-profits and more. I believe coming at a script with the benefit of a writer's mind helps me better grasp phrasing and nuance, as well as direction from a client.


My first project right out of the gate as a new talent was voicing an in-house video for the oncology unit of pharma giant Novartis, which was played at one of the company's major conferences in New York City.


A Source Connect certified studio.

If desired, I can assist with copy writing and editing.