Greg James

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Authoritative, yet appealing -- Vocally Versatile"
Greg James

Need a big, commanding presence that seizes attention? I do that.

Or do you prefer a calm, patient teacher? A warm, credible corporate spokesman? The sound of a trusted advocate? Something a bit seductive, even? I can do all that too.

I'm most comfortable in my deep baritone, but chances are I'll surprise you. My singing teacher was shocked that my range went from resonant "bass" territory all the way to an octave above where she typically expects your typical bass or baritone to lose all control.

But it's not all about just a great set of pipes. Got a particularly complicated technical read? I am proficient in the long, complex scripts -- and terminology and jargon don't frighten me a bit.

Commercial, corporate, instructional -- I've got you covered. I look forward to working with you!


Extensive on-air experience in live radio broadcasting, as a news anchor and reporter for a leading news/talk station in Texas. Also well-versed in writing tight copy for radio, print and web (business publications), call centers, non-profits and more. I believe coming at a script with the benefit of a writer's mind helps me better understand phrasing and nuance, as well as direction from a client.

Since my radio days I have trained with leading VO coaches to help me get rid of those stilted, "announcery" habits taught to me by my radio mentors, and I continue to train to expand and improve my skills. Having also taken singing lessons brings an entirely new dimension and lessons learned, such as enhanced breath control, vocal technique, poise and musicality.

Also know that my life experience has seen me intersect with several professions and industries: law, medicine, journalism, politics and government, higher education, technology, sales and marketing, publishing, charitable organizations, and luxury goods and services, to name a few. I'm a quick study who can bring credibility and authority to any read.


My first client right out of the gate was Novartis, where I voiced a video for the company's oncology unit, which was played in New York City to a large gathering of global executives.


If necessary, I can assist with copy writing and editing.