Giancarlo Morrocco

Giancarlo Morrocco

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"Warm, reassuring, smoky with gravitas."

My musical, singing and rapping experience gives me confidence with timing and microphone technique, whether voicing a natural, conversational piece - or something more "epic".
Born in Scotland and raised in London, my natural speaking voice has a neutral South East English accent, but I can also deliver credible reads in a variety of regional British and overseas accents and dialects.
I speak fluent Latin American Spanish.


On the street, so to speak.
I have had 30 years of vocal and production work experience in the music business.
I began doing Voice Over work in 2017 by attending live auditions in Production Studios and Agencies in Milan, London and Toulouse.


HEINZ (Take it Heinz) March 2018
DUDE (Milan) Netflix Campaign Jan 2018
DUDE (Milan) Netflix Campaign April 2018
AQUN CORP. Jewelry Campaign Sept 2018
FUBAR British Comedy/Horror Aug 2018
MOTO GP19 Video Game Promo March 2019


I am a Music Composer/Songwriter with 30 years experience.
10 Years recording and touring with Rap/Hip-hop bands as lead vocalist (Rapper/Singer)
I perform live with acoustic guitar and singing vocals.
I have my own professional recording studio where I record, edit and master music and Voice Over.
I have produced award winning productions featured in advertising campaigns and cinema releases including James Bond.