Giancarlo Morrocco

Giancarlo Morrocco

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Warm, reassuring, smoky with gravitas."

My musical, singing and rapping experience gives me confidence with timing and microphone technique, whether voicing a natural, conversational piece - or something more "epic".
Born in Scotland and raised in London, my natural speaking voice has a neutral South East English accent, but I can also deliver credible reads in a variety of regional British and overseas accents and dialects.
I speak fluent Latin American Spanish.


On the street, so to speak.
I have had 30 years of vocal and production work experience in the music business.
I began doing Voice Over work in 2017 by attending live auditions in Production Studios and Agencies in Milan, London and Toulouse.


HEINZ: (Take it Heinz) Commercial 2018 LAVAZZA: Commercial 2021
DUDE: (Milan) Netflix Campaign 2018 PEROLA PENUTTO ZEI: Online Campaign 2021-2022
DUDE: (Milan) Netflix Campaign 2018 JEEP: Commercial 2022
AQUN CORP: Jewelry Commercial 2018 MINOTTI: Commercial 2022
FUBAR: British Comedy/Horror Film 2018
MOTO GP19: Video Game Promo 2019
MOTO X19. Video Game Promo 2019
FUJIFILM (Never Stop) Commercial 2020
FUJIFILM (Never Stop 2) Commercial 2021
FUJIFILM (Never Stop 3) Commercial 2022

Various other E-Learning - Corporate - Narration Videos.


I am a Music Composer/Songwriter with 30 years experience.
10 Years recording and touring with Rap/Hip-hop bands as lead vocalist (Rapper/Singer)
I perform live with acoustic guitar and singing vocals.
I have my own professional recording studio where I record, edit and master music and Voice Over.
I have produced award winning productions featured in advertising campaigns and cinema releases including James Bond.