Darren Kahmeyer

Darren Kahmeyer

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"Everyday Dude, Cool Charismatic, Laid-back likability"

It’s more than a voice, it’s a feeling
Consistency of voice and tone is critical to making the impressions you need to convert listeners and viewers to customers of your brand. The familiarity is either felt or it’s not. Your audience feels that connection and a bond forms that leads to trust.
Whether your goal is to educate, entertain, or inspire, high quality should always be the backbone of your ad. As new trends ascend and set the tone for a time, a voice-over artist who stays ahead of the curve will be ready to deliver a timely performance capturing the voice of the moment. The consummate voice will work with you every step of the way to ensure an on-point deliverable that elevates your ad to perfection.

Darren is that talent. His experience in commercial voice-over gives him an advantage over others when it comes to nailing an engaging performance in a 30-second spot or even a 6-second one! You need a bullseye and he’s your sniper.
It takes an understanding of the copy, the intent, and the audience to create a quality production. You need an actor you can depend on to identify what matters most for the delivery and give a quick turnaround. Thankfully, you’ve already found him.

Darren has a vast tonal range that sits comfortably in the “manly” category but isn’t confined to it. When you need a darker sound that says “whiskey” without saying it or a friendly guy next door voice patiently explaining the new IT service you’ve signed up for, he’s got you covered.


Voice Over Training: J.Michael Collins, Dave Walsh, Tim Tippets, Donovan Corneetz and Marc Cashman Accents/Dialects: American English, Canadian English, Southern
Voice Over Styles: Commercial, E-Learning, Explainer, Political, Narrator, Radio, Audiobook, IVR


I have worked with companies just like LG, Brokermint, Chevrolet, Aptive Environmental, Wicked Tree Gear, Burger King, Jack Daniels, The Beard Club, and many others.  

Leverage vocal styles and characterizations in providing voice over services to various clients, which include television, radio, and social media commercials, narration, Explainer, Elearning, and IVR phone system/corporate voice mail.
• Participate in various podcasts as host or guest.
• Comply with the appropriate format in preparing and delivering both live or recorded programs for the station.
Career Highlights:
− Competently worked in the entertainment environment and gained specialism in commercial production.
− Obtained recognition as a sought-after public address announcer for the local sports market.


Here is a link to my YouTube channel and website for some of my recent work