Darren Kahmeyer

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Everyday Dude, Cool Charismatic, Laid-back likability"
Darren Kahmeyer

The voice of an everyday guy that people can relate to.


Darren and had extensive training with J. Michael Collins, who is well-known for his unique position as a creature of both the old and new schools of voiceover. Darren has also trained with Dave Walsh, who coaches The True Tell Method of speaking to find the purest, believable form. Darren has also attended VO retreat and seminars with Debbi Derryberry, Joe Cipriano, AJ McKay.


Commercials for Lost Lake Creamery, NRD Landscape, The Hair Studio. Darren is also the Host and creator of The DK Project Podcast, a weekly podcast.


Darren has hosted and produced The DK Project podcast a weekly show.