Zachary Johnson

Zachary Johnson

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"Dynamic, Confident, Commanding"

My specialty is audiobook narration; I have completed over 100 audiobooks. My performances are routinely singled out both for their vocal variations (I am capable of a wide variety of accents and vocal styles) allowing readers to easily distinguish characters, as well as their uniquely dynamic qualities. An author with whom I recently worked commented "You're like the first narrator I've EVER heard who actually ACTS the words. Instead of giving mild intonations or slight emphasis, you actually ACT. Like you get it! It's like hilarious and heartbreaking and flipping perfect." Reviewers have also commented on these performative qualities, with statements such as "Zachary Johnson, narrator, performs this epic novel as if he were born to do so. He owns the book with his talent to step into the story and wear each character as if it was his true identity." In other words, though I am most experienced in narration, I more than possess skills that are easily transferrable to other areas of the voiceover world, and I would be honored to bring those skills to your project. If you would like to hear extended audiobook demos, you can find them on the front page of my website:


I have trained with industry professionals and demo producers, such as Jeffrey Howell, with whom I produced my commercial demo. I have also trained in stage acting for two years at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop. I completed a course in audiobook narration with Sean Allen Pratt, a premier audiobook narrator with over 1000 books to his name. I am a national champion public speaker and debater, trained to convey information in an engaging and concise manner, a skill that translates eminently to a number of my VO niches.


Podium Publishing, Pink Flamingo Productions, Audiobook Empire, Moon Storm Publishing, Silver Wing Press, Gorillas with Scissors Press, Cars Muffler and Automotive, Technocrat Games, Miramae Press, Brilliance Audio


I post-produced my own audiobooks for years, and know how to mix a vocal recording to make it sound polished and professional.

I have a degree in mathematics and am very skilled at narrating technical text.