Victor Sabi

Member for 3 years
"Professional and captivating."
Victor Sabi

Victor is a baritone, with different tones varying in: institutional, youthful, lively, funny, dramatic, seductive and dreamer applying to the demands of customers and the market.

Voice in neutral Spanish.
Voice in English, Latin American accent.


He has studied Advertising at the APEC University (Action Pro Education and Culture) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Higher education in vocal technique, dubbing, commercial voice over, voice over as international business, institutional voice over, long-form narrations and neutral Spanish coaching for dubbing, commercials and narration.
All these are taught by the greatest voice professionals at INTEC (Technological Institute of Santo Domingo) in partnership with the international production company World Voices S.R.L.


Worked as voice over for:

Philip Morris Dominicana.
Editorial San Pablo.
Oviedo Kids Optics.
Market TV.
Ellis Island Museum.
SID Group, among others.


Voice talent in neutral spanish for commercial, institutional, dubbing, narration and broadcasting in general.
Voice in English with a Latin American accent.