Victor Mares

Victor Mares

Member for 8 years

Victor Mares has been in the industry since he was a child. His parents were actors and directors and they started him in the dubbing industry and in theater plays at the age of four. He has recorded countless TV & radio commercials, infomercials, industrials, audio books, e-learning modules and more, and he has been the LAS voice of many celebrities. During his teen years, he decided to learn about sound recording and he became an engineer at the age of 16, cutting tape with a blade and using magnetic film machines, and several sound and video decks. At the age of 24, he was already chief engineer of a big post-production studio in Burbank, CA. He has produced countless audio and video projects for TV, radio, new media, and more. He has also been the dubbing supervisor of LAS versions of films for the big screen like Grown ups, Total Recall, Terminator Salvation, Pink Panther 2, Hancock, The Water
Horse, Are We There Yet, Monster House, Open Season, RV, The Legend Of Zorro, and many more.


Victor attended several acting programs as a child in Mexico City. In Los Angeles CA, he took several acting workshops at The Actor's Center and the Screen Actor's Guild conservatory, where he also has been an instructor in different Spanish VO, and dubbing workshops.


Advertising Agencies:
Acento Advertising, Al Punto Advertising, Bromley Communications, La Agencia De Orci, Lopez Negrete Communications, Casanova Pendrill, Zubi Advertising, Conill Advertising, XL Edge, Castells, Grupo Gallegos, and many more.
AZ Los Angeles, Tono Studios, Juice Studios, Bell Sound, Point 360, Bang Zoom, CCI Digital, Margarita Mix, Formosa Interactive, Studio Awesome, Dave & Dave, 48 Windows, Lime Studios, Patches, and many more.

Experience in all types of Media productions. On-set Spanish language production
supervisor. Producer/Director of Spanish and English Radio and TV commercials.
Ability to lead large groups of people in a common direction. Coordinator and
director of localization of films, TV series, and Audiovisuals. Music Compositions
and Spanish translation/adaptation of songs and jingles. Proficient in Microsoft
Office, Google docs, Pro tools, Adobe Premier, Quicktime Pro, all audio and video
formats, working with unions, and large numbers of crews and talent.


Neutral LAS, Nothern Mexican, Southern Mexican, Central Mexican, Argentinean, Colombian, Neutral South American.

English with a slight Hispanic accent.

He translates and adapts material from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. He has a professional sound studio where he can record, mix in stereo and 5.1. He can also record foley and can create a full M&E for any project. He translates and adapts Jingles, and has composed several original jingles. He is hired by many companies to direct different projects via Skype and has been hired to supervise the Spanish language on site for many productions.