Torran Wakefield-Thompson

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"Dynamic range and fun to work with!"

Residing in New York City, I've worked in television for over 10 years in various roles...mainly as a producer, so I understand the creative process. As I continue to grow in the voiceover industry, so does my passion for it and I enjoy showing that passion to those I work with on each project. My home studio is always ready, and I'm here for anything that requires a voice!


Over the years I've received training from the following coaches/instructors in the voiceover industry:

• Shelly Shenoy "NYC VO Coach"
• Karen Murray "The Voice Is Yours"
• Ed Lewis "Shut UP & Talk"
• Keith Alan "57th Street Media"
• John Burr "Voice Dynamics


Here is a list of companies I've worked with so far:

Ghetto Gastro Culinary Collective


I have post-production skills in audio and video. As well as copy editing skills.