Tim Shafer

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"Engaging, warm, fuzzy. In short, exactly who you are looking for"

As I have already done with several audio book narrations (The Rider Files: Master's File) and Gary Cooper at High Noon (soon to be released), I can do various voice interpretations. My narrations are top notch, my pronunciations are on target, I have even learned, phonetically, some Russian and Spanish phrases, as the narration required.
I take the time needed to ensure the product you are expecting, is delivered. I don't oversell. I merely promise I will deliver a top quality product. On time.


My training comes from nearly fifty years as a broadcaster, starting in the small markets and working my way up to a top 20 market...but preferred the small town.
Beginning in the mid-1970s when you had to have chops and a license to be on the air, I learned from great voice talents, many of whom have passed away (strange when you become, that from whom you learned). For me, it's more than a gift. It's a craft. I came into this business, respecting the business. I still do. As the late Paul Harvey once said, "find something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."
I am not a diva...I am an old school broadcaster, and very much proud of it. Minus the ego...


My experience comes from working from the small markets of western Colorado to the goal of Denver, just to prove I could do that. I spent six years in Denver, before returning, with my experience, to Western Colorado. I learned how to craft commercials before digital effects came along. I was a talent in all day-parts, split production responsibilities with other station personnel, as well as several stints as a news man.
For eight years, I was the booth announcer for KJCT Channel 8 in Grand Junction, Colorado. So I have been a brand voice. I was the producer of the Denver Zephyr Baseball broadcasts, before the Rockies came to Denver, and voiced all elements of the periphery on the broadcasts. What is attempted to be taught in the classroom, for me, was gained as a part of life in radio as it used to be. You earned your stripes.
Presently, I am coming on strong as a narrator for Audible, with my narrations receiving four and five star ratings.
Suffice to say, in the old school sense...I've got the chops and the pipes.


I am learning to use several DAWs so that I can be totally in-house as a complete production company, as Tim Shafer's Studio B. Studio A in my company is devoted to session work as a musician...I play keyboards, with a specialty in the Hammond organ.