Tessanie Rizvi

Tessanie Rizvi

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"Bridging the soundscape gap between generations X, Y & Z"

Lover of sarcasm, witty banter, behavioral psychology, meaningful conversation, and golden retrievers. Enough about me… what can I do for you? Well…

We’ve all heard it. That voice that makes you roll your eyes and hit the mute button or slip on your noise-canceling headphones. Could be on TV, online, the announcement at the grocery store, Chatty Cathy on a 3-hour flight or it could even be your 6th-grade science teacher - sorry Miss Jackson (ooh I am for real….). Anyway, it's not a voice that would drive your clients to research your tech company, try your gluten-free crackers, or view your online history class. That's not a voice you'd want narrating your Defensive Driving course. You want a voice that makes even the most monotonous tasks seem intriguing. A voice that can excite, entice and engage. Simply put, a voice that captivates you. That's where I come in.


I participate in ongoing trainings with some of the top agents, actors and coaches in the industry including Dean Panaro, Roger Leopardi, Lisa Biggs and Alyson Steel.


I voice commercials, eLearning, corporate narration and animation for wonderful clients including Wells Fargo, Hilton, Bank of America, DISH Network, TIAA Financial, Marvel Avengers Academy, and Sweetrush - just to name a few.