Sybil Johnson

Sybil Johnson

Member for 7 years •
"The Bright Voice To Help You SHINE - Friendly, Clear and Honest"

Sunny personality. True blue standards. A breeze to work with.

My friendly, clear and honest voice reflects who I am and what you can expect partnering with me. Working with actors should be a breeze, not a hassle. I’m here to enhance and support your creative work.

I’m a full-time voice actress with a background in theatre, broadcasting and advertising – the perfect blend for voiceover. With every script, I discover new characters, collaborate with other artists and share our creation with the world. I also understand how a campaign works, from clients and research to proofs and legal approval. I get it. It’s not a page of copy; it’s countless working hours for whole teams of people. And it comes down to my voice delivering your words.

My voice is a clear and genuine American female in her 20s-30s, with additional character range. What I do best are Commercials for broadcast and multi-media use, Narration for videos, eLearning and IVR, and Characters for video games and animation.


My Bachelor's Degree is in Broadcast Journalism and my Minor is in Theatre/Performing Arts. I studied voice acting with Leslie Jane Kronish at Inside Voice, stage acting at Portland Actor's Conservatory and improv at the Brody Theatre. I performed in dozens of plays and musicals, creating half-a-hundred different characters. This training carries into my voice work, enabling me to perform distinct voices for multiple characters without resorting to caricatures. If the character calls for it, I can perform solid regional American and various British English dialects. By a strange series of events, I also speak conversational Haitian Creole/Kreyol (and I've booked work for it, too!)

I'm a member of Voxy Ladies, which provides ongoing training for members, and I participate in industry workshops including the VO Mastery Event and online workout groups.


Explainer Videos - the female voice for Lowe's on their website's "How To" series of videos, providing a non-announcer, friendly read for DIY tips
IVR/On-Hold/Telephony - the voice of 100+ phone systems for national clients including Pfizer, BMW and Lulus
eLearning - the narrator for 50+ training modules for tech and medical companies, including Riverbed Technologies and SEIU Healthcare
Commercials - the announcer and characters for TV and radio commercials for Fred Meyer/Kroger, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sterling Bank, Invisible Fence and WorldConcern
Video Narration - the voice of several tourism videos for Lynchburg, Virginia
Video Games - the voices of several characters in video games Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild and most recently INFRA
Audiobooks - The Fairy In The Tale by Julie Elizabeth Powell, Pulse by L.R. Burkard, The Sea Glass Sisters by Lisa Wingate


I can sing in character or as a jingle voice.