StJohn Smith

StJohn Smith

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"Deep, Confident and Convincing, British and US accents"

My voice has grown from decades of singing (Rock&Roll) to commanding teams at work, and then creating in-house communications videos, which lead to a stream of recommendations that my voice could find wider audiences. This has quickly developed into a growing number of recording sessions in Brighton, UK studios.
I look forward to using my voice to grab your audience's attention and keep it!


Lessons at the Homeward Recording Studios, Brighton, with voice-coach Simon Jane.


As well as the voice and presentation recordings created for Quickclass and Skillsmart - Learning App companies I started and lead, I've been invited by friends and extended contacts to help them with my voice on promo-films, explainer clips and some short narrative fiction. I have access to an excellent studio just around the corner, and am happy to turn projects around really quickly.


Yes, I can sing. It's only rock'n'roll, but I like it.