Stefan Gleisner

Stefan Gleisner

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"You have a story, idea or message- It deserves to be listened to"

Voiceover specialisations in eLearning, Corporate audio and non-fiction audiobooks.

My previous career was in IT marketing - putting across new, complex ideas to sceptical audiences and where a clear, calm and authoritative voice is key. With audio and video recordings and live speaking, my voice has brought clarity to audiences from around the world, engaging and enthusing listeners.


Gravy for the Brain (Advanced Voiceover, How to Voice Audiobooks, Home Recording Studio)
Coaching with Richcraft
Dale Carnegie (High-Impact Presenter)


"Unsolved True Crime - Volume 2" audiobook. Published on Audible 08/22
"Unsolved True Crime - Volume 1" audiobook. Published on Audible 06/22
"Connecting with Clients" audiobook. Published on Audible 12/21
"The Bitcoin Book" audiobook. Published on Audible 07/21
Various corporate explainers ('21/'22)
Sales training, podcasts and webinars - various IT companies including Symantec, Kaspersky, LSI, Concur


Dedicated home studio - recording and production.