Sophia Hroom

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"Your listener will feel my emotion..."
Sophia Hroom

Good day! Welcome to my profile!

My name is Sophia Hroom, I am a voiceover talent with a young adult female voice.
I record in an acoustically treated home studio in Russian (native) and English (slight accent).

Unlike most of Russian voiceover talents, who consider radio background an asset, I truly understand the importance of mastering the conversational style and non-overprojecting in the voiceover industry.
When doing narrations, I am 100% directable and concentrated on the script I work on.
Unless told otherwise, I narrate in conversational and a bit of sarcastic girl-next-door style.
I use lots of tips from various VO pros to make sure your listener isn't bored and feels as if spoken to ;)


I've been freelancing and doing voiceover for the last 4 years.
All this time I've been constantly improving and implementing new approaches learnt from other VO professionals in order to perform exceptional deliveries.
The latest training I received was from a well-known voiceover coach Bill Dewees - it was all about the conversational style!


I've worked with hundreds of clients, the most well-known of them are 3M and OSCE: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

I am also a member of BACKSTAGE and Casting Call Club, so I have experience voicing video games and animation characters.


I am well at singing (been singing seen the age of 13).
And I do decent audio editing myself.