Shauna Rose

Shauna Rose

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"Authoritative - Passionate - Warm - Conversational - Versatile"

Bringing your words to life, Shauna Rose helps to teach lessons to your students and present a clear message to your audience. Working from her WhisperRoom professional home studio allows her the luxury to provide quality sound in record time thus making it more convent for both her and her clients. Prior to her work in voice-over, she explored many different careers. Whether is was working in radio, for her local sheriffs office as police dispatcher, or as a sales associate for her local car dealership, she knows from experience the importance and value of communication. Nothing brings her more satisfaction than to be a valued collaborator and partner to her clients.

"I look forward to speaking with you about your project(s), and I hope to build a relationship with you that lasts for years!" -Shauna Rose


Global Voice Acting Academy


Media Communications and Information A.A.S.


Accents include Southern(Texan) and Northwestern.
Alto Singing Voice