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Scott Rose

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I started my broadcasting career back in 1988 after graduating from the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast in Phoenix Arizona. I then had the opportunity to work as Production Director and On-Air Talent for some great broadcasting companies in Nebraska, Kansas, and his home state of Minnesota. In the 90's, I decided to return to college and start a second career earning my law enforcement degree - following in my father's footsteps. I was hired by the Dodge County Sheriff's Office in 2002 and worked my way up the ladder until being elected Sheriff in 2014. While I still enjoy my law enforcement career, I still love VoiceOver. I consider myself a Full-Service VoiceOver Guy. My goal has always been to help small and large businesses sound more professional by enhancing their training, advertising, marketing, and other audio/video projects with high quality VoiceOver and audio production. In my VoiceOver studio at my home, I continue to produce projects for clients nationwide and in several countries around the world - from online training and medical narration to fun and creative radio commercials.

Having a VoiceOver Talent who is also a career law enforcement officer has it's advantages - I'm trustworthy, dependable, and reliable. You'll find my professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm will make me a great choice for your VoiceOver project.

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I started my broadcasting career back in 1988 graduating from the Ron Bailie School of Broadcasting in Phoenix Arizona. I also have a Law Enforcement Degree from the Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester Minnesota. Multiple years of VoiceOver along with multiple years of law enforcement - I know...weird!!!


Here are some examples of some of my past clients:

Ford Chevrolet Toyota Minnesota Sheriff's Association Maxwell House McDonalds Home Depot Heineken Buffalo Wild Wings Captain Morgan Ab Roller Ab Zone Aluma Wallet Battle Max Buzz Zapper Chef Basket Comfort Pedic Detox Tea Diamond Plate Digibook Dolphin Mop Dropps Electropic Fastbrite Flavorwave Turbo Oven H20 Mop Hyundai Wireless Transmitter Lumbar Joy Magic Fish Mighty Guard Nail Wow Neck Line Nicogel Nu Brill Paint Pad Pro PediQuick Perfect Squeegee Pest Magic Prosvent Quixx Shantti Mat Silver Ninja Sobakawa Pillow Steam Blaster Step Gym Stopsnor Tap Massager Tv Gym Twist and Wash Wiper Wizard Wonder Chef Yoga Booty Ballet Your Baby Can Read

I have had the opportunity to voice projects for clients in the Unites States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Israel.


My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with my services - and to continue to work with you on future projects. Let's start working on your project today!!