Saundi Harrison-Cooksey

Saundi Harrison-Cooksey

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"You can TRUST your Copy with me"

I have a non-accent smooth, rich, warm, relatable and friendly voice that easily reaches the young, the best friend, the alter-ego BFF, the girl/woman next door, single moms, grandmoms, husband and children. In other words, I have a pretty good range that can reach the breadth of audiences.
My voice has been described mostly as warm, rich, smooth, sassy and sultry.


I have been actively studying and doing voice acting for the past 5 years. I have studied locally in Atlanta, as well as with well known Voice coaches such as Dave Walsh, Jeff Howell, Rodney Saulsberry, Anne Ganguzza, Diane Cardea and Eileen Kimble. These coaches represent the United States with varying degrees of expertise in certain genres. I am also an active participant and attendee of VOA, WOVO, VO Peeps and GVAA.
My training NEVER stops.


I am very fortunate to have booked two national campaigns last year for Clearasil and Celebrity Cruises. I have also been successful domestically on the pay 2play site Voice 123. I have booked at least 3 jobs per year since joining in 2015.
My website will show some of my latest bookings as a Voice Actor.


My Special skills are I am a professional, I have my own home studio, I have strong relationships with local studios in Atlanta.
I do not have a regional accent of any kind.