Roy Worley

Roy Worley

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"Authentic, warm, storyteller, deep, masculine"

Companies like Firestone, Pizza Hut, and Wilson Golf don’t choose just any voice to represent their brand - They work with, Roy Worley.
Have a listen and find out why Roy is the #1 choice for so many advertisers.


Roy has had some of the best coaches in the industry here in the United States. They include, Joyce Castllanos and Jodi Gottlieb for Promo and Commercial work, Jodi Gottlieb and Nancy Wolfson for Commercial work. He studied with Sean Pratt for audiobook narration and has participated in webinars led by Jeff Howell for Promo, J.V. Martin for in show narration and Harry Dunn for Promo work. He believes that experience plus great training will produce a superior voice talent. Listen to his demos and you will hear the results.


Pizza Hut, Firestone, Tiffany & Co, Petco, Bausch, Lego, Wilson Golf Balls and CheezIts have all trusted Roy to voice their commercials, computer based training and internet spots. Have a listen and find out why Roy is the number one choice for so many advertisers.


For those looking for North American English that is warm, relatable, edgy , Roy is your guy.