Rory Barnett

Rory Barnett

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"Warm, confident, relaxed. Speciality: International English."

I’m an English-speaking voice actor, with a whole range of clients across the world. As well as my native UK, I work in a number of international accents including Irish, French, Australian and South African.

The tagline on my website reads: A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES.
What do I mean by that? It encapsulates so much, both about my work as a voiceover artist, and who I am as a person.

ANCESTRY – my family is a total mix of nationalities. I’m part English, French, Irish, Danish, Scottish and Russian. At school, learning languages came easily to me. I studied French, and German, plus Latin and even ancient Greek. I learnt the basics of Arabic, briefly studied Chinese at Oxford University (that’s another story) and have also taken extra classes in Spanish. I have a great ear, which helps me not only understand languages, but to hear different accents – and replicate them myself.

VERSATILITY – I take great pride in being able to work across a number of voiceover disciplines. They include: Commercial, Corporate narration, E-Learning, Audiobooks, Gaming , Animation and IVR.


I worked for more than 15 years as a BBC radio presenter, reporter and newsreader.

I have done commercial voiceover training for many years with a US based voice coach, Nancy Wolfson.

I have also trained in Animation, Gaming, Dubbing and ADR.


I have worked for blue chip clients including, Ford, DHL, Bayer, Mercedes, Land Rover, Mastercard, Panasonic, the NHS, Volkswagen, Heineken, AXA Insurance, Sky and the BBC.


I sing in a band, and can do excellent singing impressions, ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to Johnny Cash!