Rich Keeble

Rich Keeble

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"British TV actor and VO - Deep, quirky and wry (Comedy!)"

Hello, I’m Rich Keeble – a professional British voice over artist, actor and presenter. There’s actually a good chance you’ve heard my voice on TV, radio or online commercials, video games, corporate training films, animations or art exhibitions . You may actually have even seen my face on TV - I've been in Birds of a Feather, The Delivery Man, Fool Britannia as well as various high profile ads (I'm currently that guy on the hippo in the Topcashback ad.)

I have a very rich, deep, yet versatile voice that, combined with my experience in screen acting and live comedy, allows me to deliver anything from straight, serious reads for commercials, documentaries or on-hold/IVR messaging, through to more extreme characters for animations, video games, audiobooks or even tech-heavy live Edinburgh shows!

I’m more than happy to get involved with any of the following:

TV, radio or online commercials
Narration or explainer videos
Animation or video games
On hold or IVR
Dubbing or ADR
Apps, podcasts, radio shows
Comedy theatre shows, art installations… you name it!


Voiceover Network
Gravy for the Brain
The Actors Centre

I have been working in high pressure situations for over 5 years, be they recording studios, TV/film sets or improvised comedy shows.


I have recorded VO for TV, radio and online commercials, video games, films, documentaries, animations, training films, podcasts, art installations, live comedy shows etc.
I have worked as an actor in high profile TV shows and commercials, I've done stand up and improvised comedy, I've presented corporate films and interactive training films, I've co-written and starred in two award winning web series...

I’ve worked for:
Channel 4
Carphone Warehouse
Coca Cola
House of Fraser
Property Partner
Creative Assembly (Total War: Warhammer)
Frontier Developments (Elite Dangerous)
and many more.


I started out in life as an acoustic consultant which means I know how to deal with a microphone. But also, that has meant having to speak the various technical language required with architects, contractors, and mechanical engineers, so combined with the fact I’m learning Polish, I can certainly get my mouth round a difficult word or two!

My natural accent is "neutral" but I can do a number of regional accents as well as RP and a good general American .I can do character voices from the normal and understated to the zany and extreme.

I have sung on a number of commercially available recordings, and have toured the country either singing lead or backing vocals.