Rebecca Vickery

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Rebecca Vickery

I am great with accents and character voices. Storytelling is my forte, and I have a strong gift for musicality. Need a song? Great. I'm able to cover that for you. Somber? Bright? Sincere? Mom voice? Whatever your needs, I have you covered. My degree is in theater performance and writing, so if you need help with tweaking your script, I can do that too.

I've been a teacher for over 10 years, with experience in teaching English as a foreign language in a group setting. I have a great deal of versatility and the ability to bring a script to life.


I've been working on my character voices and storytelling my whole life, and I trained to be a professional voiceover artist with SuchaVoice this past summer and fall. My academic training is in theater, so I have a degree in that as well.


I am a novice in professional recording, I have been entertaining through voice for a few decades, whether through short stories, poetry or book readings.


I am a singer/songwriter. I also have experience in script writing, and very capable of editing and creating catchy phrases and dialog. I'm also good at fixing translations to common English phrasing to make it easier to understand. I have training in self editing, but not yet adding background music.