Becky Chase

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"Warm, Earthy, Millennial Voiceover"

Bring your media project to life with Becky’s warm, laid-back, and relatable sound.
Becky Chase is a millennial voiceover professional from the beautiful coast of Maine.

Are you looking for a constructive thinker, a cool, even-tempered soul who people feel at ease working with? Maybe you need a more erudite, educated voice actor who can meet you at the table for your e-learning or corporate narration project. Or… perhaps you’re on the hunt for someone who sounds like your sister’s cool best friend from back in college!

You’ve come to the right place.

Becky brings a rich range of experience to her work, harnessing an array of insight and perspective from her unique background: a combination of Master of Arts in History and Media Studies, freelance media production, acting, visual art, and international education programs.

Whether it’s sophisticated industrial texts, historical storytelling, or your friendly everyday banter, she’s comfortable handling scripts for a variety of markets and audiences.


I have 5+ years' experience with radio drama, theatre, and film acting. I have had various training from Gravy for the Brain, Goucher College, Snowlion Repertory, Catlin Adams at Maine Media, and UCB (for improv).


Recent clients: Microsoft, Rhode Island School of Design, WHRO Digital Learning, Jebbit, EJP Solutions, the Portland Public Library, and others.

I have also been a cast member of the soap opera podcast Restless Shores for two+ years.


I can perform editing and mixing services, as well as copy editing and proofing.