Polly Jordan

Polly Jordan

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"British teens/20s - commercial and animated"

Polly has a young sounding fresh and friendly voice with a crystal clear delivery, and a warm and confident tone. Whilst her voice is down to earth and engaging, she can also add a sense of playfulness to her voice for younger reads. As a trained actress Polly has a great ear for accents and dialects, and is great at taking direction and bringing characters to life - listen to her animation reel for more.


Polly trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where she studied under the voice tutelage of Morwenna Rowe. She holds a Masters Degree in contemporary acting.


Polly's bespoke home studio has been acoustically treated and her home studio test can be listened to here. She uses an Rode NT1 Microphone, Zoom H5 portable recorder/interface, and Audacity and/or Adobe Audition. Her home studio can be accessed via Skype or Zoom.


Polly is a confident singer and has experience in ADR.