Peter Seaton-Clark

Peter Seaton-Clark

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"British English, versatile, unique and professional."

A classic British voice with the versatility of regional accents. Voice range is naturally tenor - often used in documentaries and corporate image films. Delivers audio very quickly in the studio and offers a translation service into English for German production houses.


Peter has worked in television for over 10 years and was personally trained in voice skills by Dave Robertson, mentor of Ian McShane (Deadwood).

On the job training with various TV broadcasters and local radio since 1998 .


Most recent clients include Nokia, MDR, Mercedes AMG, Leipziger Messe, Leipzig Zoo, Pixable studios, LE Vision and Sightseekermedien and has just recorded the latest teaser for the Bugatti 16C Galibier.


Award: intermedia-globe Silver Award with Pixable Studios, Dresden for Metall-Finsterwalde corporate imagefilm.
Member of SaVoa - the Society of Accredited Voiceover Artists. Member #11020.