Orlando Felix

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"A Fresh, Energetic and Animated Voice."
Orlando Felix

I have a unique sound where i have very standout persona and it shows in my commercial and narration demos.
I can do a lot with my voice given any project that comes my way but I believe where I shine is in character voices and impressions especially that of one Mr. Bernie Sanders


I have trained with the Such-a-Voice institute, under the tutelage of one Mr. Guy Arledge. Along with recording everyday whether it be an audition or just to stay on top of what I have learned.


I have recorded an audio book on the ACX platform in which I have recorded, provided all the voices for, and edited on my own.
If you would like to hear a sample I have provided a link right here.



I have a background in music, specifically in the field of Rhythm and Blues. I am a singer, yes and I am no stranger to a mic or a studio booth. I have performed countless shows and have done plenty of features on other peoples music. It may not have been on anything that's playing on the radio but nonetheless still a something I do on the side.
So if you need anything done like a jingle or a song i can sing it for you.