Nicole Candian

Nicole Candian

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"Voice Artist, Voice Talent, Radio Voice, Animated Voices, Mimic"

Since the age of six years the voice of Nicole Candian has graced the airways. In her several decades of providing voice art she has recorded tens of thousands of commercials, training, videos and webinars. An exceptionally talented professional she has honed her skills to a fine art.
From commercial reads of every style her panache to promote or invoke a mood with her voice is unparalleled. Nicole’s passion is in her animated character voice development and mimicking.
Nicole Candian's depth in portrayal's are equaled only by her amazing wit and comic timing. The direct truth her voice conveys in any role is distinctively memorable to any audience. A rare talent whose vocal range is astounding. Listening to her demos will easily confirm your decision.


National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Australia
Professor John Higgins, British and American Accents


Selected USA
Appliance Factory Outlet, Denver, CO
Armory Ventura Games
Calvin Watson WA, USA
Snap Productions, Beverly Hills, CA
Walter Noon, USA
RAES Technologies, Sacramento, CA
Smart Heat Inc., USA
The Vibe Refinery, TX
Video Slim, Dallas, TX
and others...

Selected AUS / UK
American Express
Aus Stereo Pty. Ltd.Austalian MD BasinBallina
Affair Malls
Channel Australia
Domayne Ltd. - Australia Wide
Echo Point Resort
Hardy Audio IGA - Australia Wide
Harvey Norman Ltd
Homemakers Centers
Musos Corner
New Zealand Tax Specialists
Nothern Territory Govt.
ODW Fashions
One 80 Digital Post Ltd.
Patricks Jewelers Peppers 5 star ResortRydges
Real Estate InvestarRTC Group
Showcase Jewelers
Salvation Army
Snow Gum Sportswear
Source Digital Webinars
Southern Cross
Strata Real Estate Investments
Ten Tankstream Sys.Pty Ltd
Travel Scene
Tourism Queensland
Voice Garden Ltd.
Warringah Shire Council
Williams Jewellers Woolworths Corporate
Medical Provider Trainings
Zanok Technologies
and others...
Corporate Video
Medical Training Video scripted role Jacob Inglis
Improve [corportate DVD] scripted role Girrard Dorney
3D Animation “Danger and Delilah” “Lil Angels” Producer, Rajesh Bahavanni
3D Animation “Danger and Delilah” “Lil Angels” Producer, Rajesh Bahavanni
3D Animation “Who The F* Are You” Producer, Darko Djera
Industrial Training
SES Trauma Management Program Improvisation Role Player Tony Pinelli


Proficient Accents
American, Proficient | British, Proficient | Irish, Proficient | Italian, Intermediate | Russian, Intermediate
Animated Character Voices, Autocue,Teleprompter