Nate Goodwyn

Nate Goodwyn

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"Deep Epic American Male Voice"

Nate Goodwyn's voice The Voice of Power, Ominous, Warm, Deep Gritty and Jazzy Smooth. Nate has voiced many Commercials, Narrations, Promos, IVR systems and Animations, Poetry (one of his favorites) for clients spanning the world.

If you seek dependability, professionalism, and a naturally good voice that intrigues your senses. If you need someone with years of experience engineering and producing quality audio, Nate Goodwyn's your man.

Having completed hundreds of voiceovers and coaching by some of the best in the industry and having a professional home studio, Nate can deliver exactly what you are seeking for your project. It may commercial, Narration, IVR, Poetry, Character, celebrity impersonation i.e. Morgan Freeman or Promo voice-over, I have the skill, talent, and know-how to get the job done. I have great attention to deadlines. You will also find my kind and easy to work with personality a pleasure to work with.

-Nate Goodwyn


My base skill is my unique voice, I have also received 2 years of professional coaching from some of the best voice artists in the business.


Have been a successful voice talent for over 4 years and loving it. I have performed a very wide range of styles especially my Morgan Freeman.
I will record your (and have extensive experience in):

Explainer video
Celebrity (Morgan Freeman)( Dennis Haysbert) James Earl Jones ct.) Try Me!
White Board Video
Real Estate Marketing ad
DJ Drop
Count down/ Fact video

*Don't see your need in the list.....please ask :-)


My special skill is the use of grit or timbre in my voice. My attention to detail and ability to follow directions. I often ask questions to ensure I have the inflection the client is seeking in the project.

Special note: Revisions and retakes are two different services.

Retakes, I made the mistake is always free.
REVISIONS (Buyer adding to or changing the script after the original was recorded): is subject to an additional charge.