Moe Egan Thomas

Moe Egan Thomas

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"Real, warm. Approachable mom or boss, with a quick wit"

I have been a FULL TIME Voice Actor since April 2004.
I am a formally trained stage actress, former stand up comic, broadcast journalist and PR Consultant- my whole life has been about delivering the words of others to the largest possible audience in the best way possible. I bring real life to your words

I have keen editing skills which allow me to turn your audio around quickly, and produce consistent quality voice overs for your formal corporate narrations, trainings, tutorials as well as real person or quirky deliveries for animations and explainer narrations ; commercial messaging as well as long form narration and audiobooks.


I have trained with:
Marice Tobias 'the voice whisperer'
Patrick Fraley several workshops with Pat for character development, commercial reads and audiobook narration
Scott Brick for audiobook narration
Scott Parkin for professional VO master class
MaryLynn Wissner for real person reads in commercials
Johnny Heller for audiobook narration
Bob Bergan for character development
Lau Lapides
William Lebow
I was lucky enough to be part of the first VOICE, VoiceOver Creative Experience in Las Vegas and attended again in LA in 2010
I am a regular attender of Faffcon, the Unconference for Voice Overs:
Faffcon San Antonio, Texas
Faffcon Hershey, Pennsylvania
Faffcon Atlanta, Georgia
Faffcon Tucson, Arizona
Faffcamp Charlotte, North Carolina
Member: WOVO (World Voices Organization)


I have been doing voice work since 1985. I have been a FULL TIME voice talent since 2004.

Working out of a fully equipped home studio with ISDN, and a phone patch.

I have done work for Fortune 500 Companies and start-ups across the globe. I can be heard on 5 continents.


I was trained to edit audio on a reel to reel with a China marker and a razor blade, I love editing, and can turn your project around quickly and expertly. I don't need to outsource my production, therefor, you get immediate answers and fast turn around- every time.