Miwa Yokoyama

Miwa Yokoyama

Member for 3 years
"Japanese voiceover artist"

A professional and native Japanese voiceover artist【Tokyo Standard Accent】,
covering full sound with warm tones that inspires confidence and trust.

My work spans over 5000 TV shows, radio commercials and video packages for 20 years.

As a professional emcee and lecturer, I have visited numerous events, festivals, and schools.

For more information, please feel free to contact me by message.

Home studio
audio technica AT4040/PRESONUS Audiobox USB 96/studio one
Linkup Software
Zoom/Skype/ SourceConnect

Japanese(Tokyo Standard Accent)

Performance Mistakes: Mispronunciations or missing words are fixed at no charge.
Artistic Edits: One round of feedback concerning pacing or tone is included at no charge.
Script Rewrites: One round of rewrites, that are less than 10% of the final script, is included at no charge.

Other will be quoted upon request.

CM【30,000 yen-】
※¥30,000 per 15-second CM,
plus¥10,000 each for the two types and after.

VP[45,000 yen-]
45,000 yen (up to 500 characters),
60,000 yen (up to 1000 characters),
75,000 yen (up to 1500 characters),
90,000 yen (up to 2000 characters)
for long documents, please contact us.
"CM" is a commercial video on TV or radio.
"VP" is any video footage for publicity, promotion, education, records, etc.
"Characters" is the number of characters in Japanese.
For example, Fuji-san counts as four characters.
Please consult with us about the program and other matters.


-Finished the special selection course for announcers at Japan Broadcasting Corporation (the only public broadcaster)
-Currently receiving university education for media appearance


-I have started my career as a freelance voiceover artist since I was a university student.
-As I have recently gained a high reputation for narrating in infomercial programs, I have established trust and credibility with a variety of clients from cosmetic TV shopping channels to legal consultation information radio. (Over 300 clients for voice-over projects and MC)

-I have received many contest awards starting since I was a high school student.
-Performance Award—Japan Broadcast Culture Awards year of 2016(Kyushu district)
-A "One Voice Awards UK 2022 The Best International Voiceover" nominee

-A member of the Japan P.E.N. Club from 2019 after being recommended by the storyteller and “Living National Treasure”, Mr. Shouri Kanda.