Michał Rusnarczyk

Michał Rusnarczyk

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"Your Polish voice - fully produced results in studio quality"

Dear Client

The question I have often in my mind sounds: Who is the ideal voice talent? And how can I become one? I do my work very quickly as I spend almost whole week in the studio. Yes, weekends too, if you need me. Always checking the material thoroughly. My perfectionism was a little tiring (for me) but generally helped to achieve above-average results in a very short time. I have more and more happy clients, willing to exchange more and more value. I'm always open to dialogue and fixing anything that could be better for you.

I attend many workshops connected to voice acting (check my expierience) and I am still suprised that I something every time.

Is it enough to become great? I don't know yet. But I'll try. Maybe we could do something beatiful? Check my demo - there are various samples that covers ads, promos and dubbing in games and movies. It would be great even to hear what do you think.

Thank you for coosing me
Michał Rusnarczyk, your Polish voice


acting courses, presentation courses, training for trainers t4t,
multiple diction and articulation courses
Singing classes and voice tharapy workshops


Around 4-5 years now. Very active last 2 years. It started mostly with presentations and art/ radio commercials. Now I migrate to audiobooks and video games. Just listen to many samples in the demo section!


I can also help with:
- Audio editing and postproduction,
- Music composing and production,
- Mixing and mastering,
- Sound design (for FX creation),
- Translation and Localisation,
- Singing,
and more.