Michael Baer

Michael Baer

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"Clear and articulate, lightly smoked, subtle."

Michael's sound is neutral North American, not particularly identifiable to one place, and suitable for explainer videos, corporate presentations and branding. Michael is also appropriate for introspective and emotive pieces which require subtle shadings, and will deliver clean professional audio on a very short turnaround.

He has have yet to sell anyone a car or living room furniture at a 'Weekend Madness Sale', but has sold thoughtful, serious things - although 'sold' might be too harsh. Michael simply invites listeners in to have a look for themselves. He is not high tempo and he will not shout.


Michael spent three decades in audio, mostly in television, often recording and producing voiceovers and occasionally getting on the noisy side of the mic himself, and has spent many a happy hour in post production mixing and sweetening. He couldn't help but learn a great deal about the art of narration and voiceover, as well as the technical and performance side of things.

He has trained with coach Nancy Wolfson, with additional training on various web-based training sites, such as Gravy for the Brain. The rest of it he's learned on the way to Carnegie Hall, as they used to say, meaning 'practice, practice, practice!'


Among many other things, Michael has done an international TV spot promoting tourism to Abu Dhabi for their Tourism and Cultural Authority, with an agency in Dubai, as well as internet sizzle spots for Fortis Faucets, a division of Pfister, and an app launch promo for Flexjet.com. In between, there has been documentary and corporate clients such as The Language Conservancy of America, a non-profit working to restore Native American languages, and Rockwell Automation and Buhler AG.

In short, Michael has recorded voiceovers across a variety of sectors - TV, Internet, Radio, corporate and documentary.


With a decades long career in television and film on the tecnical and operational side of the microphone, Michael has an impressive audio and media production skill-set. He is able to provide production mixing on small projects, having designed and built a very quiet acoustically isolated recording studio along proper acoustic design lines, decoupling walls and installing proper acoustic treatments.

Michael also maintains a video edit station in his studio and cuts video in Da Vinci Resolve, a fully featrured video produciton platform.
In fact, he has produced an entire Youtube video series on the building of his studio, on his channel Sound Sense, which can be seen at the following link: