Melissa Moran

Melissa Moran

Member for 5 years •
"The Voice That Sells"

Melissa Moran has a youthful and energetic sound that's perfect for your project. With over 18 years of award winning broadcasting and voice over experience, Melissa has the skills for whatever you need to bring your project to life!


Audiobook/VO Training with:
Carol Monda
Lori Alan (Lifetime, SpongeBob Squarepants, Family Guy)
Scott Brick
Johnny Heller
Amy Rubinate
Paul Alan Ruben

Animation VO Training with:
Sara Jane Sherman (Casting Director for Disney Studios)

Improvisational Comedy: Whole World Theatre, Atlanta where I was a cast member for 4 years


I'm an award winning Broadcast professional with over 18+ years of experience and over 75 Audiobooks in retail now. I have contracts with publishers such as Tantor, Blackstone, and Bee Audio.

In 2012, I was the recipient of a CMA (Country Music Award) and an ACM (Academy of Country Music Award) for best morning show personality


I was a production director at Cox Radio in Atlanta, so I have experience in post production, editing, etc. I'm also a stage/ on camera actress with numerous credits.